Wednesday, December 19, 2012

Randolph Clay High School Varsity Cheerleaders partner with Theta Sigma Zeta Chapter for Breast Cancer Awareness

Zetas and fans are partnering to win the fight against breast cancer. On Friday, October 5, 2012 the school joined us to show support for breast cancer awareness month.

Ronald Gadson, principal of Randolph Clay High School, fully supported the partnership between the cheerleaders and Theta Sigma Zeta Chapter. “As principal, I’m glad that for one night we can use such a large event to unify the community by focusing on a disease that affects us all. So many of our competitions divide us, but finding a cure for cancer will take all of us working together.”

On the field during half-time, we recognized and honored all those survivors who have, and are, winning the battle against breast cancer. We also reflected a moment of silence and released balloons for the ones who lost a loved one to breast cancer.

The event was held to bring awareness and raise funds for the fight against breast cancer. The Randolph Clay Red Devils fought a good fight against Mitchell County as they tackled for a cure.  There were no losers on the field as the proceeds raised at the event went to assist breast cancer research.

Article Submitted by Soror Robin Y. Nicholson, President, Theta Sigma Zeta Chapter