Monday, October 19, 2015

Xi Xi Zeta Chapter's Inaugural Scholarship Gala

Xi Xi Zeta Chapter held their Inaugural Scholarship Gala at the Hilton Garden Inn Atlanta East Hotel in Lithonia, GA on September 26, 2015. 

The chapter honored three scholars in the community: India White, Jessica Hewing, and Dexter Deontae' McClanahan. The Master of Ceremonies was Rev. Stephon Ferguson and the guest speaker was Brother Rev. Dr. Emory Berry, Jr. Xi Xi Zeta’s theme this year was "Empowering Our Youth for Future Tansformations." The event was definitely a night to remember and each year hereafter, we strive to make this an on-going event in order to support the students who desire to achieve a high education. 

Tuesday, October 13, 2015


Members of Epsilon Eta Zeta Chapter of Zeta Phi Beta Sorority participated in the 2015 Walk to End Alzheimer’s.   This is a new endeavor for the chapter and our second year participating.  So many families are affected directly and indirectly by this disease we felt compelled to support this walk monetarily and also by volunteering our services.  Members of the Blue and White Family; undergraduate chapter members, Sigmas, and Amicae also participated.  Truly it was a fun event and important because ultimately the proceeds will fund research to one day find a cure for this disease.  

Sigma Mu Zeta - Graduate Chapter or Not?

Many times if things don’t happen for us a certain way in college we decide to give up on them, particularly when it comes to being apart of a sorority.  So, you did not get to be apart of your favorite sorority in college, however, sometimes things get better as you get older. The benefits of participating in a graduate chapter are massive, but I will list a few for your consideration.

Strong Professional Network
In college you get a professional network, however it gets stronger the older you become. Because you are already a trained professional you will already come in contact with those that are apart of the sorority of your choice easily. This will make room for even more connections that will lead to career advances as well as great connections for a particularly company or organization that you work for. Professional networks are finer goldmines that are hidden all over the world.

Authentic Friends
There are times in college where you are not being yourself. You go through so many collegiate experiences that the intake process may turn out to be a waste after college. However, graduate chapters focus on the person and engage the adult experience in a more mature way. This mature way leads to vital and comprehensive leadership development that passes on from soror to soror as well as generation to generation. It also pushes those that were involved in undergraduate chapters to enhance and sharpen their skills socially and actively as mature adults. It doesn’t make sense to go through so many obstacles and learning lessons in your early adult life in Zeta and not show off how finer you are in your later years in your graduate chapter. Graduate chapters could use those undergraduates that learned a thing or two about the world so that they can lean back and help our younger sorors.

Historical Impact
It was the year 1920 and our five pearls never would have imagined that their decision would have made an impact on generations to come. Why not become apart of history? It is never too late and Zeta can move forward with prestigious and zealous woman who are authentically embarking on improving the lives of others in a finer way. You might not have found your niche in college, but Zeta may bring it out of you in a way that will enhance the organization as well as your community. Finer in a graduate chapter pushes you to be and hone your gifts so that you are not just a number, but a quality version of yourself. Our five pearls were just that and they left a mark over 95 years ago to proceed forward int this effort. We are doing a marvelous job historically, but graduate chapters are a large part of why we have progressed even further. The journey did not stop when they graduated from college, but moved on in a proactive way even after their death. It was a legacy not only founded by familial ties (Tyler Sister founders), but by coming together to be different than the elitism that was so present in other organizations.

Consider this. Graduate chapters help you to graduate from craziness and focus more on the reason you join an organization. It digs deeper to the roots of your membership intake process, by rigorously pushing you as a trained professional to consider your gifts to impact the world. Graduate chapters all over the world thrive off of the heart that is so ever present in the work of the Zetas that took their time to understand who they are and what sorority really fit them, not what someone told them to be. Re-evaluate why you want to join a sorority and you may decide that a graduate chapter will help you push your common goals further, rather than just stopping at your undergraduate endeavors. 

Phi Omicron Zeta Chapter Expands with a New Auxiliary

Last sorority year, Phi Omicron Zeta chapter launched two auxiliaries, Amicae and Amicettes.  On Sunday October 4, 2015 the chapter added another Auxiliary, Archonettes.  The event began with introductions from the Amicettes in attendance and ended with the Induction and pinning of two additional Amicettes and ten Archonettes.  The chapter is very excited to have the opportunity to mentor these young ladies, and to assist their parents in helping them to become productive citizens and Finer Women.  Stay tuned to see how these young ladies will learn more about Zeta Phi Beta Sorority, Incorporated and how they will assist the chapter in driving the national, regional and state agendas.

My Journey to a FINER Me

By Soror Tracee Howard
Omicron Kappa Zeta Chapter – College Park, GA

Before the age of 30, I dealt with knee and back issues and unfortunately high blood pressure. My doctors always gave me the same speech, "Try to work on losing some weight."  All I heard was the gibberish from the Charlie Brown cartoons. "Womp womp womp!"  I love down home cooked meals and don't even get me started on my love for Zaxby’s.  Did these doctors really expect me to give that up?

Things changed in 2014.  My doctor looked at my chart and gave me this look of sheer terror. I had soared to 262 pounds!  Something had to give.  At that moment, I vowed to make a change. It's easy to lose weight quickly, but to keep it off, you must commit to a healthier lifestyle.

I started out slowly. I didn't cut out "bad food" but I cut back. I incorporated more fruits and veggies into my diet. I didn't give up Zaxby's, but I made better decisions about what I ordered. If I did get that craving for tasty Zax sauce and chicken fingers, I didn't deprive myself. I had to learn how to balance the bad with the good.

I established a workout routine in baby steps. I started walking. Walking turned into using different machines  at LA Fitness. I got the courage to start taking classes like Zumba and Hip Hop!  I actually enjoyed them!  I dropped weight like crazy. Sometimes I gained weight back, but that's just a part of the cycle. 

I'm proud to say I'm down 87 pounds! I eat what I want in moderation. I work out regularly. I'm no longer on blood pressure medication. I went from a size 16/18 to a size 10. I'm a happier, healthier, FINER me and I feel great!

Rho Epsilon Zeta On the Move!

Rho Epsilon Zeta: Annual Chapter Retreat – August 14-16, 2015

Rho Epsilon Zeta held our annual chapter retreat at Cherokee Overlook in Chatsworth, Georgia. We came together to plan social and civic activities for the 2015-2016 Sorority Year as well as bond as a chapter. We have many events planned that foster the Sorority’s ideals of scholarship, service, sisterhood and finer womanhood. Visit our YouTube channel RhoEpsilonZetaTV to view the video “Rho Epsilon Zeta Chapter Retreat 2015”.

Rho Epsilon Zeta: Sisterly Bonding – Local 3 – Five for the Founders

On Saturday, August 23, 2015, Rho Epsilon Zeta held a sisterly bonding event at Local 3 Restaurant located at 3290 Northside Pkwy NW, Atlanta, GA 30327. There was good food and good company as we enjoyed our time together as sisters.

Rho Epsilon Zeta: Sisterly Bonding – Corkscrews and Canvas

On Saturday, September 19, 2015, Rho Epsilon Zeta held a sisterly bonding event at Corkscrews and Canvas located at 3290 Northside Pkwy NW, Atlanta, GA 30327, painting wine glasses. To experience this event with us, visit our YouTube channel RhoEpsilonZetaTV and view the video “RHO EPSILON ZETA @ Corkscrews and Canvas”.

Rho Epsilon Zeta: The Malawi Project

The ladies of Rho Epsilon Zeta will be collecting Medicine Bottles for Malawi as we assist the Malawi Project in providing clean and safe medicine while keeping empty medicine bottles out of the landfills. A collection box will be available for dropping off empty medicine bottles at monthly Cobb NPHC meetings, Metro Atlanta Joint Founders’ Day Committee meetings and Rho Epsilon Zeta chapter meetings.


L to R: Annie G. Lewis, Ty’Tiaunna Thomas, Ebone’Jordan, 
and Jere’ H. Parks
To honor the sorority’s principle of scholarship, Beta Omega Zeta Chapter of Zeta Phi Beta Sorority, Inc. held its annual Scholarship Reception on July 25, 2015 to award scholarships to deserving high school seniors pursuing higher education. Chapter President Annie G. Lewis and Scholarship Chairperson Jere’ H. Parks presented the 2015 Annie M. Conyers Scholarship to Ty’Tiaunna Thomas and Ebone’ Jordan for recognition of academic excellence. Each recipient was awarded a $500.00 scholarship.

Ty”Tiaunna Thomas is the daughter of Bertha Thomas and Samuel Thomas. Ty’Tiaunna is a 2015 graduate of Monroe Comprehensive High School in Albany.  She will be attending Spelman College majoring in Biology.

Ebone’ Jordan is the daughter of Mr. and Mrs. Elijah and Kimberely Jordan. She is a 2015 graduate of Terrell County High School of Dawson. She will be attending Middle Georgia State College majoring in Nursing.

Congratulations to our 2015 Scholarship Recipients! 

KIZ: Fired Up and Ready To Go

The 2015 State of Georgia Leadership Conference was held on August 1st at Fort Valley State University and was well attended by KIZ sorors. Sorors spent the morning receiving National Updates from State Director Shaneesa Ashford followed by informative breakout sessions on Managing Conflict, Recruitment and Retention, Budgeting, Parliamentary Procedure and Z-HOPE Implementation.

After a working lunch that involved an interactive exercise on managing different personality types within a committee, State Director Ashford brought sorors back together to review the State of Georgia Goals for the 2015 – 2016 sorority year. The day concluded with a Z-HOPE donation to a local Fort Valley charity. 

Kappa Iota Zeta 2015 Retreat: Learning and Fun Luau Style

The KIZ Retreat was held on Saturday, August 15, 2015 and was attended by 44 Sorors. The retreat started at 8:30 AM at the Sigma Zeta Foundation and ended with a trip to Helen, Ga. This year the retreat was a Hawaiian theme and everyone dressed in their best Hawaiian attire. Each registered soror received a Zeta Tote bag with their name personalized on it and prizes were given out to the soror with the best Hawaiian outfit and the soror who was able to limbo the lowest.

Before the trip to Helen, chapter members heard from Basileus Shannon McGuire-Lee about the vision and goals for the 2015-2016 sorority year, then two guest speakers presented informative workshops on your rights when dealing with the police and how to build effective teams. After collecting boxed lunches, the chapter departed on the party bus to Helen.

While in Helen, some sorors chose to tour the historic downtown district while other sorors walked up Anna Ruby Falls. After both activities, sorors enjoyed dinner from a local restaurant while traveling back to Atlanta.

Sorors who attended the retreat also donated school supplies for our Z-HOPE adopted school Hamilton E. Holmes Elementary. Each soror was asked to bring a minimum of $10 worth of school supplies for students and teachers for the upcoming school year.

The retreat and the back to school drive were very successful. Kappa Iota Zeta is looking forward to a successful and productive sorority year! 

KIZ Goes To Washington

  L-R: Soror Sue Beavers-Harris, Soror Contessa Paige, and Soror LaNise Thrasher
Kappa Iota Zeta Chapter was well represented at the Zeta Organizational Leadership Conference held in Washington, DC. Soror LaNise Thrasher attended pre ZOL training called the Basilei Institute, which included seminars on “Conducting Effective Meetings” and “Protocol Basics” among other informative topics. Sorors LaNise Thrasher, Contessa Paige, Susieann Beavers-Harris, Lashelle Scott and IrisEllena Calder all attended ZOL. The conference consisted of four action packed days filled with opportunities to network, develop leadership skills and learn about behavioral traits.

Soror Beavers-Harris’ favorite part of ZOL was the DISC Assessment. “Using DISC allows me to understand how my behavior affects others and what I need to do to shift my behavior based on the situation,” she revealed. “It is also a great tool for assessing behaviors of others which makes it most valuable in conflict resolution and getting things done”. When asked what motivated her to attend ZOL, Soror Scott shared that her motivation “was to increase my leadership skills as well as learn more about Zeta Phi Beta”.  Soror Thrasher plans to use what she learned at ZOL to improve her “interactions with sorors on various committees and while working with the Undergraduates”. Soror Paige summed it up best – “As proclaimed by International Grand Basileus Mary B. Wright, “A good Zeta is a well-informed Zeta.”  Since the first moment I heard this declaration, I realized that I need to actively acquire as much knowledge as I can about my beloved sorority.  For me, that means becoming proficient in all aspects on the local, state, regional, and national levels.  To achieve these goals, it is essential to participate in conferences, training's, and webinars whenever possible.   

ExquiZitely Zeta

The EquiZite Epsilon Xi Chapter at Georgia Southern University is off to a fantastic start, having taken on and successfully completing, over ten events only five weeks into the semester! We kicked things off with a welcome to the freshman class helping them move into their dorms before the first week of school. We followed that up with passing out goodie bags on the first day of classes containing things students will need for the semester, as well as a welcome letter from our chapter. Following those two great events we had a table at the Freshman Block Party, which provided us with a safe and open space to communicate with freshman from all areas of life.

Along with the freshman block party, we also had a table at the University Organization Fair, Multi-Cultural Student Fair, and Fall Family Weekend. All of these fairs presented us with the opportunity to speak to upper classman, and those students who have constantly shown interest in our organization. In between the many fairs, we hosted a forum entitled “How Crowded is Your Bed?” which was an event designed to tackle the many questions surrounding sexual health and activity. Along with those events, our chapters have attended anti-hazing workshops, and campaigned the idea that Finer Women Don’t Haze across our respective social media. To emphasize our care of the community as well as our philanthropy we had a breakfast sale, in which a percentage of our proceeds went to the March of Dimes. As a chapter our semester goal was to focus on rebranding ourselves. We have hit the ground running, and only have more exciting events and community services planned from here!