Wednesday, December 19, 2012

Kappa Iota Zeta Hosts Z-HOPE for Men Event

On Saturday, November 3, 2012 the ladies of Kappa Iota Zeta held a wonderful Z-Hope Men Event at a local men’s shelter in Atlanta, GA. We invited our brothers of Phi Beta Sigma Sigma Chapter as we cooked, prepared food, played games and set up a wonderful BBQ with the guests at the shelter.

Participating in this Z-Hope Men event changed our perception of homelessness dramatically. Homelessness is not always the images that we see on the news or on the streets. Many of the men that we served resemble our fathers, brothers and husbands. As we talked to the guests at the shelter, we realized that they have so much to offer the world and that they simply were faced with a bump in the road and eagerly want to make a change. This shelter provides a system that pushes men out of the darkness of homelessness and into the light of success. We went to the shelter wanting to help them but instead they opened our eyes to a new world as we find ways to help them in the future.

Submitted by Kappa Iota Zeta Chapter