Wednesday, March 1, 2017

Etiquette and Empowerment: Engaging the Youth of Today

The Sigma Mu Zeta Chapter of Stone Mountain, partnered with a local youth group, Abundance of Favors of the New Love Tabernacle Church in Lithonia, to host an interactive workshop entitled “Etiquette and Empowerment: Engaging the Youth of Today” on Saturday, December 3, 2016.  The participants, ages 13 to 17 were lead in a “Teen Talk” discussion segment where they openly shared thoughts on bullying, the CODE (snitching) and being a bystander to bullying. Texting, social media and internet do’s and don’ts where also part of their discussions.

Participants then moved on to a second segment, which was an etiquette class. Participants learned three (3) different place settings and when to use them, table manners that included cell phone etiquette and the young men learned and practiced seating etiquette. There was an answer and question period after each segment and a game with prizes where they had to color in words that were mentioned throughout the program.