Tuesday, March 11, 2014

Sigma Mu Zeta is dedicated to giving back!

Sigma Mu Zeta is dedicated to giving back, and as such has committed to action every month at Traditions Health & Rehabilitation Center in Lithonia, Georgia and as part of the sororities Elder Care Initiative of Z-Hope.

The chapter believes in the preservation of the facilities patients, by providing them with self-respect, inspiration, enjoyment, and personnel revitalization. It has been a joy not just for the patients but the members of the chapter who look forward to seeing those smiling faces. The centers residence also look forward to seeing those familiar Zeta faces and the spirited competition that has grown in the competitive environment since the conception of this monthly event.

The goal and success of this event is to exercise their minds, body, and spirit.  The chapter has a successful collaboration partnership with the facility, which leaves the residence looking forward to the next meeting with the members of the chapter.