Tuesday, February 10, 2015

Phi Omicron Zeta Chapter launches “Get Engaged – Be the Change”

Phi Omicron Zeta Chapter launched the “Get Engaged – Be the Change” law enforcement initiative during the Founder’s Day program celebration on January 17, 2015. About fifty people, from Sorors to the community, were in attendance.  The highlight of the program was a Social Action Forum lead by Sheriff Eric Levett from Rockdale County.  The Sheriff was asked a series of questions related to community support of law enforcement and working to resolve racial profiling.  Sheriff Levett was very impressed with the chapter and its commitment to serving the community.  Phi Omicron Zeta chapter was asked by the Sheriff to support community events sponsored by his Department, which may lead to an exciting new partnership for the chapter. This is also the first event in which the chapter had participation on a program from Sorors, Amicae and Amicettes.

The program agenda covered the history of the sorority and chapter, signature programs of the sorority and chapter, the reading of the Amicae song by the president of the Amicae Auxiliary, a tribute to our founders and a Liturgical dance by the Amicettes and the Social Action Forum, which all was followed by a reception.  The program was a huge success and opened the door for the chapter to become even more engaged with the community in which it serves.