Saturday, October 1, 2016

The 'Beautiful' Beta Iota Chapter Making A Change in the West End and AUC Communities

'The 'Beautiful' Beta Iota Chapter has been active in making a change in the West End community and AUC community as soon as we returned from summer break. In September, we focused on Voter Registration and Voter Education. We partnered with our Student Government Association to register approximately 1,000 students to vote in the upcoming election. Additionally, our school hosts an event called Market Friday where vendors sell items to students and campus visitors. They also allow student organizations to host tables as well. We gave out information of how to prepare for Election Day and what a person needs to do in order to be able to vote. We also gave information to those who were not yet registered and helped them find where to get an absentee ballot if they were registered at home and did not want to change their residence to Spelman College. On that day, we reached approximately 70 people who were willing to stop and get the information. We are very adamant about voting, not only in the presidential election, but for local, state and any others. We want to see a change in our community so we need to make sure that those who are elected need to be for all people and not biased. #GETEngaged #SpelmanZetas'