Friday, May 24, 2013

Chi Pi Zeta’s Finer Womanhood Celebration

Chi Pi Zeta celebrated Finer Womanhood in grand class and style at the historic Elizabeth’s on 37th Street in Savannah.  The formal dinner program featured a presentation on the history of Finer Womanhood observances, as well as reflection on “The Finer Woman” as excerpted from the 1925 X-RAY by Soror Evelyn Foster.

The Finer Woman- An Acrostic
The finer woman is
Faithful to duty;
Ideal of womanhood;
Noble in character;
Engaging in manner;
Responsible to trust;
Womanly in conduct;
Obedient to a higher self;
Magnanimous in spirit;
Affable in receiving others;
Noteworthy in deeds;
Hospitable to strangers and guests;
Obliging to neighbors;
Open-hearted to poor and needy;
Deserving of praise.

Submitted by Elizabeth Marlin